If I can do it, so can you.

One afternoon in my late 40’s, I was sitting around with a few girlfriends lamenting the loss of our athletic figures and the sad addition of our muffin tops. Most of us had been in excellent shape our entire adult lives, having participated in numerous aerobics classes, personal weight training sessions, and daily cardio workouts, amidst regular visits to the gym.

But as the years passed and we became less active, we noticed our figures had slowly morphed into something akin to the Pillsbury Doughboy’s™ soft, protruding tummy, and we sat around…

Lessons from Danny Elfman’s Masterclass

Failure. It’s a word most of us don’t like hearing. And especially not experiencing. Anyone ever experienced a colossal failure? How about multiple times? Perhaps you went through several intense job interviews and thought you had it all wrapped up, only to be told the other candidate was selected instead.

Or you might have pitched a major business project to potential investors after working on it for weeks, only to get a call the following day saying they decided to pass. …

7 steps to stop spinning and start moving again

As a Life Coach, I work with clients who want to make changes. These are often professional, such as changing jobs, up leveling their position in the company they currently have, moving into a completely different career, going back to school later in life, writing a book, creating a course, or starting a business.

Or they’re personal, like redefining their current relationship, getting out of one that’s not working, creating a new one they hope will work better, or deciding to live on their own after a breakup or loss.

“One of the wonderful things about being ALIVE is that…

Carol Elliott

Certified Life, Mindset, and Success Coach. Entrepreneur. Helping you elevate your thoughts to uplevel your life. caelliott22@yahoo.com.

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